Conscientious Objection is a Human Right!

As long as there has been war, there’s been those who are willing to fight and those who actively refuse to take part. Today, on International Conscientious Objector Day, we uplift all who refuse military enlistment morally, politically, spiritually, or otherwise.

Throughout history conscientious objectors (COs) have been persecuted around the world for their actions, from petty fees to imprisonment, exile or death. While here in the U.S. an impending draft seems unlikely, the structure to enact such a draft is still maintained through the Selective Service System (SSS), a mandatory registration system for any young man in the U.S. who needs federal student aid. With the 2015 decision to open all military assignments to women, Congress has been urged to consider whether or not to expand draft registration, raising the question: does modern warfare require involuntary conscription?

While some nations like India, Japan, and Argentina aren’t currently enforcing a draft, other powers like North and South Korea, Israel, and Egypt do. In these nations, all persons are subject to military training and enlistment, potentially participating in the destruction of peoples’ communities and lives whether they’d like to or not. See below for actions you can take today to support those who refuse to fight. 

Here's how you can support Conscientious Objectors: