December of Dissent: Help us raise $30K to resist war!

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

Dear Friends,

We kicked off our year-end fundraising on Giving Tuesday by asking you to help us raise $5,000 for WRL’s antiwar work. With your help and matching funds from a generous donor we raised $8,192! Thank you!

Now, for the month of December we’re setting an ambitious goal to raise $30,000 for WRL and we need your support! Can you make a gift today to help us get to $10,000 by the end of this week?

On Giving Tuesday we shared a number of messages with you about what our members dream of when they imagine a world without war. Over the course of this month we’ll be sharing messages about how WRL’s root causes work is helping us get there.

You’ll hear from people who work with WRL from outside the U.S. to share and learn from each other about how to best resist authoritarianism, young people who have interned with WRL and learned what it means to work for peace and justice, and the people who have been making WRL’s Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes pie chart for over 30 years.

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