From the Frontlines of Chicago: We Need Your Support!

Photo by Sainatee Suarez

Hello War Resisters League!

My name is Monica Trinidad and I'm a queer, latinx artist and organizer in Chicago. I was one of 15 people arrested during a direct action disrupting business as usual by blockading one of Chicago's busiest downtown streets in early October. The action happened on day 1 of the Illinois Tactical Officers Association (ITOA) conference, a five day-long SWAT training and weapons expo for Illinois law enforcement and EMTs. While many of us in Chicago are aware of the unyielding militarization of our marginalized communities, this annual conference in particular wasn't on our radar. War Resisters League helped guide us tremendously through intensive researching and strategizing based on their experience in challenging police militarization across the country.

Militarization is well resourced. Trainings like ITOA are taking place all over the country, year-round, but we only have two days left to hit our goal of $5000. Pitch in today to ensure our communities have the resources we need to expose and end militarized trainings like ITOA!

It was incredibly inspiring to be part of a campaign with so many Chicago organizations that had never worked together before. Immigrant justice organizers, artists & cultural workers, Queer API folks, Black organizers, Arab & Muslim activists, peacemakers, and white allies not only facilitated teach-ins & art builds on ITOA and then threw down together in the streets of Chicago with the help of WRL, but are now continuing to work together in figuring out a long-term strategy in ending militarization in our communities. I am so thankful for War Resisters League's guidance and knowledge-sharing which re-ignited a struggle against militarization in our city, and I look forward to building together more in the future. ITOA will be back next year, but so will we. Help WRL raise $5000 to keep the pressure on! Give $50 by October 31st and get a "demilitarize" t-shirt!


In community,
Monica Trinidad




The first 5 people to donate $50 receive a handprinted tshirt
sent directly from our #StopITOA partner: AFSC-Chicago!