December 1, 2020

Today is Giving Tuesday which means we’re here to ask you to #GiveToResistWar! We have a goal of raising $5,000 by the end of today to support WRL’s antimilitarist work.

Thanks to a generous donor, when you give today every dollar you give will be matched! Will you make a gift right now to make your gift go twice as far and help us reach our goal?

When we asked you to share your hopes and dreams for a world without war, we heard powerful ideas about how people understand resisting war today and why you choose to do this work with us. Here’s one of them:

War is a trillion dollar industry.  And there are way better things to do with our resources than spend them on bombs and tanks... like housing, healthcare, education, and sustainable futures.


Here’s what George and Mary shared with us about their visions of a world without war:

"I hope for a world in which everyone has a roughly equal voice in government, everyone has access to all the basics (food, clothing, housing, education, medical care, and I'd have to include Internet access as well), and no one is rich enough to sway the government. I hope for a world that devotes the resources currently wasted on the military to the advancement of knowledge, since that has been the source of all human moral progress as well as material progress."                                                                                     - George, Massachusetts

"If there was no profit for war and weapons, it would remove the incentive for such. It should be illegal to profit from death and destruction."   
                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Mary, Michigan

You, our members, are the backbone of this work and keep it going. Our work is transformational, so while we hold an ultimate goal of ending war, the work we do today to build skills in nonviolent campaigning, to educate young people about what a career in the military, police, or as a border patrol agent is really like, and to build international networks with people resisting war, brings us closer to the world we want and need for tomorrow.

Will you support WRL’s vital work today and #GiveToResistWar?

When you give to WRL you're supporting:

Counter Recruitment: WRL produces new cutting edge resources like our Tips on Talking to the National Guard co-produced with About Face, our Beyond Border Patrol resource published this year, our So You Wanna Be a Cop counter police recruitment resource, in addition to our numerous resources focused on countering military recruitment

Political Education: WRL provides political education and organizing resources ranging from the WRL Organizer’s Manual and Handbook on Nonviolent Campaigns (available on our online store), to digital livestream conversations on a variety of antimilitarist topics, and regularly published analysis from WRL’s Editorial Committee.

International Solidarity: WRL fosters internationalist networks of resistance to share strategies and learn lessons across borders, like our work with War Resisters International, the Racial Justice Has No Borders coalition this year, and our ongoing Resisting Airwars network focused on building an internationalist politic shaped by people directly impacted by war.