ISDEF: Say NO to US arm dealers profiting from Israeli occupation of Palestine!

The International Defense & HLS Expo, the largest defense and security arms fair in Israel, is being held in Tel Aviv June 6-8.

While over a hundred arms dealers are exhibiting their newest technology at ISDEF this year, many specializing SWAT team and police militarization weaponry and technology, over 30% are U.S. companies with headquarters and factories across the country, see the full list below:

AFC Industries: (College Point, NYC)
Ergonomic workstations, Control/Command Centers, Security Networks, Computer Carts
Armstrong Marine: (Port Angeles, WA + Swansboro, NC)
Aluminum vessels for military and commercial use.
Autoclear: (Fairfield, NJ)
Security devices, X-ray for military, government and private industry
Avon Protection: (Cadillac, MI)
Respiratory Protection System Technology for military, law enforcement, firefighting
Blauer Defender:(Boston MA)
Chemical and vapor proof clothing and fabrics
Brunswick Corporation: (Lake Forest, IL)
Boats for commercial and military use
D-Fence: (CT + NY)
Electronic Fences for prisons, airports, and borders
Dillon Aero: (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Full products for Land, Air + Sea, including "minigun"
Ness Technologies: (Teaneck, NJ)
Array of eld-proven command and control, intelligence, telecommunications and supporting systems aimed at the defense and homeland security market.
HALO Maritime Defense Systems: (Newton, NH)
Automatic maritime security barrier/gate
IntelliComm: (Wayne, PA)
Voice communications, video, and data devices
IR Defense: (Auburn, CA)
Latest thermal systems
Lifeloc Technologies: (Wheatridge, CO)
Platinum fuel-cell based breath alcohol testing equipment for professional & personal use
Smart Massage: (Montclair, NJ)
Portable professional electrical massagers
MOHOC: (Idaho)
Military-optimized cameras
NEMO: (Nampa, ID)
Advanced weapon designs and technologies in the Special Operations, Law Enforcement and private sectors
Nolam Embedded Systems: (Claymont, DE)
Computing and Embedded Systems
Northrop Grumman LITEF: (Falls Church, VA)
Civil aviation, military aviation, military land vehicles, naval applications and navigational applications.
Sensor Systems at O'Gara Group: (VA + OH)
Advanced night vision devices; covert imagers; combat optical beacons; and laser illuminators and pointers.
Original SWAT: (Morristown, TN)
Security + self defense equipment + alot of shoes
OTTO Communications: (Carpentersville, IL)
Surveillance kits, wireless accessories, headsets, speaker microphones, tactical, re & HAZMAT communications equipment.
RedXDefense: (Derwood, MD)
Narcotics, explosives, and gunshot residue detectors for combating threats.
Regulus Global: (Virginia Beach, VA)
Distributing for over 300 brands, Regulus Global assists foreign end users, governments, and militaries with the purchase and export of US products.
Secure Technology Integration: (Allendale, NJ)
Security solutions for the Para-military and policing forces
SureFire: (Fountainvalley, CA)
Flashlights, weapon-mounted lights, sound supressors and tactical gear for hardcore warfighters, peacekeepers
Tadiran Batteries: (New Hyde Park, NY)
Lithium Thionyl Chloride (3.6V) batteries and 4V high power batteries
Thermal Vision Technologies: (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Modern high-tech electronics
Source Security: (Atlanta, GA)
Security industry publication
U.S. Department of Commerce
Wilcox: (Newington, NH)
Leading innovator in the tactical equipment sector
Advanced Combat Systems: (San Joaquin Valley, CA)
Training & supply of combat equipment

Full exhibitor list here.

Join the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights in their call for 50 actions nationwide June 5-June 10, 2017 on the 50th anniversary of Israel's military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem to demand an end to Israel’s brutal military occupation as part of a commitment to justice for all Palestinians, whether in historic Palestine or in exile. The US Campaign is responding to a call from Palestinians to send a clear message: Enough is enough and Israel must end all its oppression of Palestinians for freedom, justice, and equality to prevail. The US Campaign has listed ISDEF companies as potential targets, so hit WRL up if you want to partner on an action! Read more here!