It's our 96th!

Chocolate cake with the words "Imagine and End to War" piped in blue frosting.

Today on our 96th birthday, War Resisters League is as energized and hopeful as ever in working to dismantle the military industrial complex. When people ask us why, we say: it’s because the life and dignity of everyday people are worth fighting for, across the United States and around the world. 

We are deeply moved by the joys that a dignified life can bring: the ability to pursue knowledge, the ability to spend time with friends and family, and the ability to provide for those you love.

And this is precisely why we have organized against war and state violence for the past 96 years: because it fundamentally disrupts quality of life and either traumatizes or disappears generations of people at a time.

We know that the most radical thing we can do in the face of state violence and systems of militarism and oppression is dare to dream, to imagine, and to reshape our very sense of what’s possible in this world. So on our birthday, we’re asking for a special gift from you… join us in imagining an end to war. 

Here's how we're ending war: 

    • Resourcing and building the capacity of people on the frontlines of militarism

    • Building internationalist networks connecting people’s struggles for self determination around the world

    • Taking on the arms industry, war profiteers, and increasing police and border militarization here in the U.S.

Can you help us celebrate by... 

Giving a special birthday gift of $96 today to help us celebrate 96 years of resistance!

Becoming a birthday sustainer by giving $8 monthly (that’s $96 a year) to fund the work we still have to do!