John Lewis, CT Vivian Presente!

July 20, 2020

We are filled with gratitude for the wisdom and leadership of Rep. John Lewis and Rev. CT Vivian, two people who dedicated their lives to racial justice in the United States and made incredible contributions towards collective freedom, nonviolent struggle, and Black liberation. Both Lewis and Vivian were active in the 1960’s civil rights movement to end segregation, having received their nonviolence education in Nashville ahead of the campaigns that successfully desegrated the city. Afterwards, they both participated in the Freedom Rides that sought to integrate segregated bus routes in the South. Later John Lewis became the chairman of SNCC and CT Vivian became a leader in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Both men risked their lives in the name of nonviolent struggle and liberation. This weekend, we learned of their passing and join in the celebration of their lives.

Reflecting on their work, we must honor them by continuing their mission -- which today looks like supporting activists and organizers on the ground in our current uprisings. It takes a collective movement to achieve liberation.

War Resisters League has a free workshop for organizers, facilitators, and teachers to use to teach others about the Nashville Campaign to garner lessons we can use today.

Read more about John Lewis' longtime support for Peace Tax Fund bill on the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee's website here.