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Welcome to WRL! We're so excited you're considering becoming a member. Does the below statement resonate with you?

"The War Resisters League affirms that all war is a crime against humanity. We therefore are determined not to support any kind of war, international or civil, and to strive nonviolenty for the removal of the causes of war, including racism, sexism, and all forms of human exploitation."

If yes, then we'd love to speak with you! Contact us at wrl [at] to upgrade your membership status. 

What we ask of our members:

  • Signing on to the statement above
  • Financial support if possible. $36 per year (or more) will allow us to maintain our totally independent funding structure. In fact, the majority of our annual budget comes from member and supporter donations like this, not grants or huge donations.

Membership includes:

  • Eligibility to serve on our highest decision-making body, the National Committee, and the ability to vote for at-large NC members.
  • Regular updates on our program and organizing work

Want to learn more about WRL history and membership? Check out the Membership Manual here!