Linda Marie Thurston, rest in eternal power and memory. We love you greatly.

Black and white image of Linda Marie Thurston, with her right fist raised in the air.

May 25, 2021

To our dear community,

We are grieved to be sharing with you all devastating news: Linda Thurston, War Resisters League's Operations Coordinator passed away unexpectedly this past weekend.

Linda first organized with WRL for the Day Without the Pentagon action in 1998 and later joined the national staff collective in 2007 where she was responsible for maintaining daily operations, our office space, the website, technology, and was known to geek out about tech things. She held much WRL history and institutional knowledge. Linda leaves a big void in our hearts.

Linda dedicated her life to movement and radical antiwar politics, particularly prison and police abolition ("before it was cool," she would often say ❤️). She fought tirelessly to end the death penalty and wrote to many political prisoners over the decades.

In addition to being an abolitionist, Linda was many things: archivist, historian, radio host, Star Trek nerd. As we organize in memory of Linda, we want to invite you to share the memories of the Linda you knew and the pictures you have of her. Leave them publicly in the comments here, or reply back to this email.

There will be more information regarding a memorial, which we will share with you soon.

In grief and love and solidarity,

War Resisters League