On Martin's 90th, we recommit to the struggle

Martin Luther King Jr. would have turned 90 this year. As we mark his birthday on this holiday, we are reminded of his work, his words, his inspiration, and his legacy… and we wonder what work he may have gone on to do if he had lived. We are reminded of all of those in the civil rights and antiwar movements of Martin's lifetime, and of the people who came after to build on those struggles. We are reminded of those whose names and work and wisdom Martin knew, but who are less known to many of us.

We ask you to join with us in remembering Martin, lifting up his work and the movement of which he was a part.  We ask that you call out the names of those without whom he could not have done what he did.  Start with Coretta Scott King, an activist in her own right who, as a woman, is less remembered and less regarded. Start with Bayard Rustin, who, as a gay man had often to step back from the light, but who worked behind the scenes to make possible some of the most powerful moments in the movement.  Start with Ella Baker, whose work with young people urged them to take up the mantle of leadership themselves. Start with the nameless ones, those who met and argued and planned and walked and marched and chanted and sang and prayed.

Join WRL in always learning more about the history of our struggle and always teaching about today's movements for peace and social justice. See available resources on WRL's store and join us in being one of those in the movement.