Midwest Tactical Officers Association

WHAT: Midwest Tactical Officers Association's 2018 Tactical Training Expo

WHERE: Appleton, WI

WHEN: May 9-11, 2018

WHO: “We invite you to join hundreds of other Tactical Officers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan by becoming a member of our distinctive association. We welcome individual law enforcement officers, tactical teams, corrections(CERT), tactical EMS and our Military partners.”

WHAT THEY SAY IT IS: “MTOA is a non-profit association representing interested Law Enforcement Professionals through the Midwest. Our mission is dedicated to keeping you updated with the topics, techniques and tools to help you face the threats of today, tomorrow and the future.”

An organization seeking a more hands-on training. “The idea was created by Eric Matson, then a detective with the Monroe County Police Department. Eric incorporated different agencies and individuals with the same drive and enthusiasm toward more affordable training that would incorporate the hands-on experience. In May of 2001, following several months of organizing, developing by-laws, and assembling instructors, the first conference was held at the Western Wisconsin Technical College. During this conference, the first elections were held and Eric was selected as the first President of the organization.”

They organize conferences with a variety of substantive training in weapons use and tactics, correctional (CERT), medic, and tactical team training. “Many organizations have volunteered, supported, and donated to the development of this fine organization merely established for affordable hands-on tactical training.”

This 3 days expo will include below activities:
Charity Shoot, Round Table Discussions on SWAT Topics, General Session including safety briefings, Social Time with Vendors, Defense Against the Handgun, Rapid Deployment, Ballistic Shield, Center Axis Relock CQB Pistol, Field Force (Crowd Control certificate) CTS, Long Range Sniper, Armored Vehicle Operations, Warm Zone Tactics, Defense Against Edged Weapons, Vehicle Assaults, Advanced Hostage Rescue, Rapid Deployment Rifle, Fundamental Vehicle Tactics, Tactical Medicine in Austere Environments and etc.


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