National Training Concepts

National Training Concept

WHAT: National Training Concept “Tactical Trainings”

WHERE: California and the Southwest, possibly nation wide

WHEN: Year-round

WHO: One trainer -  R. K. Miller, who is the President & Senior Instructor of NTC

WHAT THEY SAY IT IS: courses in “courses include Active Shooter Response Instructor, Diversionary Device Instructor, Less Lethal (12ga, 37mm  & 40mm), Patrol Rifle Instructor, Tactical Weapons (M-16/MP-5) Operator and Critical Incident Management presentations”


NTC appears to be smaller in scope than some of the other programs funded by UASI. It  was created in 2003. It is a "California POST certified tactical provider" for "law enforcement" including SWAT teams. They offer courses that vary in length, from 8-40 hours, on an ongoing basis. There were three trainings held in November and one scheduled for December in Orange, CA.  For example, they offer a "Patrol Rifle Instructor's Course." Agencies nationwide contract and host NTC to conduct the trainings for their staff. They have one trainer, R. K. Miller, who is the President & Senior Instructor of NTC. They also sell "ChamberSafe," a cheap firearm lock.  The images on their website mainly feature a lot of guns.