New York Tactical Officers Association Conference

WHAT: New York Tactical Officers Association Conference (NYTOAC)

WHERE: Verona, New York (Turning Stone Resort & Casino)

WHEN: Spring - 2018, April 24th to 27th

WHO: Agencies across NY state, and the country from Albany to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Las Vegas to Los Angeles and beyond.

WHAT THEY SAY IT IS: “We are working to produce an outstanding annual training event that will bring together an exceptional instructor cadre, conference training agenda, networking events and trade show.”



The 2018 New York Tactical Officers Association Conference (NYTOAC) is a three day vendor show with over 150 industry vendors showcasing the latest technologies and products. More on the vendor show here. Check out their aggression enabling workshop line-up here and below.

This year's conference will feature Krav Maga NY a martial art closely associated with Israel's occupation and apartheid policies.

From their 2018 "Course Descriptions" page:

Close Quarters Defense (Gun, Knife & Handcuffing Control Principles)​

Close Quarters Defense is a practical tactical defensive tactics training course developed for law enforcement officers and intended to provide them with the knowledge, ability, and skills to defend themselves and others in everyday real life close quarters physical confrontations.

Specifically, we will educate course attendees on proven defensive tactics techniques which can be used to combat physical resistance and gain physical control over combative armed and unarmed subjects using a variety of tactical maneuvers, including pressure point control, joint manipulation, and pain compliance practices.

The training will also focus on the principal of using minimal force to obtain maximum results when dealing with armed and unarmed subjects; scene and response strategy assessment from a safe distance; successful engagement and disengagement of an officer’s reactionary gap; while reinforcing the principal that one of the most effective weapons available to an officer in such situations in their mindset, access to proven practical tactical defensive tactics, and the officer’s ability to deploy such tactics effectively and efficiently.

The training will include instruction on appropriate and applicable subject control using tactical handcuffing, speed handcuffing and handcuffing control techniques to take control of a subject who may be down, but not yet out.