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WRL Statement on Ukraine

Maria Prymachenko, May that nuclear war be cursed! (1978). © Prymachenko Family Foundation

The War Resisters League was founded in the aftermath of a horrendous European war by those who resisted conscription and their supporters. They united around a powerful affirmation: war is a crime against humanity. Over the course of almost 100 years since that time, our commitment to this principle has been tested by many political struggles and military conflicts in different parts of the globe, yet we have continued to affirm our founding principles. Today, the eyes of the world are again fixed on war in Europe because of Russia’s devastating invasion of Ukraine, and we are challenged again to articulate what it means for people in the United States to resist war.

Reproductive Freedom - WRL Statement

WRL tag reads, "Reproductive Freedom for All Women"

In 1981, shortly after Ronald Reagan became President, the right to choose to have an abortion and sexual freedom was increasingly under attack.

The Feminist and Lesbian and Gay Task Forces of the Mobilization for Survival (MfS), a national network that included WRL, with goals to: abolish nuclear weapons and power, stop military intervention, meet human needs, and reverse the arms race, introduced this resolution:

Just in Time for Tax Season, it's WRL's famous "Pie Chart": Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes

WRL Pie Chart "Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes"

For almost 40 years, War Resisters League has researched and produced an annual pie chart flyer to call attention to the vast amount of our income tax dollars spent on the military and war. This year the pie percentages look different than previous years: the red slices add up to 37% — but the military budget keeps going up and up. The $978 billion for “current military” is $13 billion higher than last year’s analysis, but there were also increases in every department, plus pandemic relief spending. The reverse side graphically shows the massive amounts of money thrown at the Pentagon — and the text highlights the victims and winners of all this spending.