One month ago, the #NoCopAcademy campaign launched in Chicago-- a cross-community coalition of 40 organizations led by Black youth organizers of Assata's Daughters.  As Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel proposes the city build a controversial $95 million dollar police academy, #NoCopAcademy is united around a rallying cry to invest resources in community programs, schools and mental health resources, not more policing infrastructure.  Much in the way that military spending continues to increase at the expense of human services at the federal level - many in Chicago are fed up with the never-ending police spending while austerity measures wreak havoc on poor, Black and migrant neighborhoods.  The city’s quiet unveiling of this academy suggests they are trying to avoid public scrutiny of this latest spending scheme, but #NoCopAcademy asserts:

“We will not be robbed of our resources quietly. We refuse any expansion of policing in Chicago, and demand accountability for decades of violence. We will fight for funding for our communities, and support each other in building genuine community safety in the face of escalating attacks.”


Just last week, Chicago Mayor introduced an ordinance into the City Council to purchase the land where they want to build the academy. The #NoCopAcademy calls on all in the Chicago area to help stop this ordinance! Take these 3 action steps to support this vital work no matter where you are:

If in the Chicago area, sign this petition urging the City Council to vote NO when Mayor Rahm requests approval to spend $9.6 million on the land purchase at 4301 W. Chicago Ave!

If in the Chicago area, call + email your Alderpeople if in Chicago area! We need to continue to call & email Alderpeople to oppose the land purchase. Find your Alderpeople here!

No matter where you are, spread our message and graphics! If in Illinois, spread the word by printing and distributing zines and flyers in your community so the word gets out!