Now Recruiting Members for our New Editorial Committee

Now Recruiting WRL Editorial Committee

War Resisters League is creating a space for accessible antiwar analysis that pushes forward the viewpoints of people struggling for justice around the world in a way that creates more and new opportunities for solidarity. Building on the War Resisters League’s long history as a home for open and honest debate and much-needed analysis of complex issues, we are excited to announce the formation of our new Editorial Committee to better shape the direction of antiwar and antimilitarist discussion in the United States.

The Editorial Committee will work with the WRL staff communications coordinator to help curate WRL's topical conversations every month, relevant to the US-based antiwar movement. Finished articles will be published on the War Resisters community page on Waging Nonviolence. 

Current Needs:

  • Editorial Guidelines. War Resisters League aims to solicit up to two paid articles per month around a predetermined topic. The communications committee will help decide on themes, disseminate calls for submission, and potentially help with editing up to two articles per month.
  • Regularly convene to:
    • Decide on a monthly editorial theme and where to solicit ideas, including: authors, essays, organizations, perspectives
    • Advertise/Disseminate call for pitches
    • Select two essays for publication
    • Edit the two selected pieces
    • Finished articles will be published on Waging Nonviolence

We are seeking people with any or all of these qualities:

  • Deep knowledge of topics around antiwar,  antimilitarist, and nonviolent activism
  • Interaction with current social movements, both domestic and international
  • Background in copyediting and proofreading skills
  • Directly affected by war and militarism
  • Able to serve for at least 1 year
  • We recognize a need to be cross-generational. People 16-25 strongly encouraged to apply

To apply:

Email: shiyam [at] with Subject Line: Editorial Committee Application. Include a short description of your interest in this committee, making sure to highlight any relevant experience in movement and media spaces, relationships to communities directly impacted by war, and why you’re interested in this role. We look forward to hearing from you.

Deadline: August 20th, 2020