Resources for Organizing for October 5th

Resources for Organizing

WRL is in the process of creating a web-based handbook for people organizing for October 5th. That will include tools for organizing to bring people to Washington, and tools for people planning regional actions. Until that is ready, we encourage you to refer to the following resources. The basic scenario for the DC action can be found at, which includes a link for the nonviolence guidelines for October 5th and a Nonviolent Direct Action Checklist ( War Resisters´s International’s Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns) is a valuable resource. The following sections, with basic information on “Organizing for Effective Actions!” are available in pdf.

There are many other sections of the handbook that are helpful resources, including “Tasks and Tools for Faciliating a Training”, which you can find on the table of contents link above. Additional resources can be found at Please remember that any distribution of these materials should give credit to the source.

Resources about Afghanistan

For  more information and resources on the war in Afghanistan, go to:

United for Peace and Justice Resources include a Fact Sheet.

Voices for Creative Nonviolence has a number of useful articles, including one on Health Care vs Warfare and the Costs of the War in Afghanistan

Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes "Pie Chart" FY2010
WRL’s famous “Pie Chart flyer,” which analyzes the Federal Fiscal Year 2010 Budget.
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A letter to President Obama from
the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance