2008 Peace Calendar: Salaam, Shalom, Solh

Nonviolence & Resistance in the Middle East & Beyond

WRL’s 2008 Peace Calendar

From Near East and North Africa, the Arab and Muslim worlds, Israel and Palestine come stories of nonviolent action and resistance to oppression. The individuals and projects included in this calendar show that people in the Middle East have not given up on each other or on the desire to live in peace with each other and everyone else.

"As the pages of this year’s War Resisters League calendar turn, we must continue to listen and narrate the stories of those who’ve borne, most directly, the consequences of war. The stories herein help us imagine new and life-giving history."
— from the introduction by Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Inside WRL’s 2008 Peace Calendar you will find contemporary and historical profiles and stories about:

  • Mahmoud Mohamed Taha (1909–1985) from the Sudan
  • Conscientious objectors to military service in Turkey and other countries
  • People from communities normally seen as at war, working together instead
  • Lebanon's Shiite cleric who authored a book on nonviolence
  • Mass uprisings against tyranny, mostly without the use of arms
  • Constructive programs — communities creating institutions to improve their lives, despite governmental indifference or opposition
  • Women demanding peace and justice in Israel, Iran, and Afghanistan

Edited by Jim Haber
Introduction by Kathy Kelly and afterword by Stephen Zunes

Weekly date pages listing historical events with a small monthly calendar on each page
Directories of U.S.peace and justice organizations and publications, and international contacts

Covers in color, black and white text pages with photos and graphics
128 pages, 5½" x 8½" format
Sturdy spiral binding
ISBN: 0-940862-20-4

Note: This calendar is also part of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection and a digitized version can be found here