Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns, 2nd Edition

In 2009, War Resisters' International released the 'Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns'; a toolbox of ideas and resources to support activists to run more effective campaigns. The original was translated into over ten languages, including Spanish, German, Tigrinya (spoken in Eritrea), Nepalese, Turkish, and Arabic, and has been used by activists all over the world.

There is no definitive recipe for successful nonviolent actions and campaigns. This handbook, however, is a series of resources that can inspire and support your own work, especially if you adapt the resources to your own needs and context. For more information on organizing effective actions, check out our Nonviolent Resistance page!



In this Handbook Edition

  • More articles about strategic campaigning
  • A wider variety of updated case studies
  • More exercises to help people running nonviolence trainings.
  • New material on building movements, nonviolent conflict and power, incorporating gender awareness into campaigns, activism in oppressive regimes, and understanding violence.
  • Contributions from a wider range of countries, with new contributors from Nepal, Afghanistan, Kenya and South Africa.

The Handbook is split into 5 main sections:

  • Introduction to nonviolence
  • Developing strategic campaigns
  • Organising effective nonviolent action
  • Case studies: stories and experiences, and
  • Training & exercises.

There is also a glossary, a DIY section and an extensive list of other resources.

Authors & Editors: Andrew Dey, Javier Garate, Subhash Kattel, Christine Schweitzer, and Joanne Sheehan

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Spanish edition available through War Resisters International.  Go to WRI's online bookstore to order.