Thanks to all who gave this #GivingTuesday!

Thanks to all who participated in #GivingTuesday, helping WRL to raise $4,455 for nonviolent resistance!


Just days after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, large nonprofit organizations saw an outpour of support. The ACLU reported just over $9 million in donations. Planned Parenthood received 200,000 separate contributions. The Trevor Project collected $165,000.

Unlike these large organizations, WRL does not receive grant funding from foundations or the government. We aren’t featured on television shows or mainstream news. We’re not part of the popular culture narrative. Our resources are limited. But, we know the change we wish to see starts with us. As a truly grassroots funded organization, our work continues solely through your support. That’s what we call #PeoplePower.

This #GivingTuesday, give in the name of revolutionary nonviolent resistance and peace! Help us raise $2000 today by being 1 of 60 resisters to give $34. As thanks for giving, we’ll enter you in our raffle or send you a t-shirt or poster.

Below are 3 ways your support fuels our work toward peace and justice:

The Fall of Police Militarization
Besides the Military, no other institution in the U.S. is as militarized as today’s police. Police receive military-grade equipment and training at SWAT trainings across the country. Year-round, these trainings teach police to discriminate and escalate. With your support, we led a successful campaign against 5 SWAT trainings this fall, ending in a coalition action in Chicago that shut down the city. Give $34 to end police militarization!


Peace through Internationalism
Building with international movements led by and rooted in the leadership of impacted communities is imperative. This year, WRL was honored to award the 2016 Peace Award to Jannat Alghezzi of the Organization of Women’s Freedom, working to provide shelters for Iraqi women in danger of gender-based violence. Our Peace Award is just one piece of our overall internationalism work, as we believe building a strong anti-war movement transcends nations and borders. Give $34 to build a transnational peace movement!


Leadership Development & Education
Through two internship opportunities yearly, WRL cultivates young peace leaders to continue the work we’ve been doing since 1923, leading and revitalizing the peace movement. Interns are given first-hand experience organizing coalitions, building membership, and creating communications materials. This year, our interns created a counter recruitment palm card in collaboration with the National Network Opposing the Militarization of Our Youth and trained to lead nonviolent direct action workshops. Give $34 to outreach and leadership development!