Conscientious Objectors

Counter-Recruiting: Montana

Set beside the picturesque Clark Fork River in downtown Missoula, MT, is the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center, a veritable hub for local activists, fair traders, organizers, and peacemakers. For 25 years, the members of the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center have been leaders in the Missoula and greater Montana peace community. One of the latest additions to the Peace Center’s portfolio of projects is its counter-recruitment work.

Prisoners for Peace Day

Prisoners for Peace graphic

Each year on December 1st War Resisters' International and its member mark Prisoners for Peace Day, when WRI and its affiliates (including WRL)  publicise the names and stories of those imprisoned for actions for peace. Many are conscientious objectors, in jail for refusing to join the military.

MEDIA ADVISORY:"Killing People Is Not What I Am," Says AWOL GI

Daniel Marble: 732-644-5820
Attorney Larry Hildes: 360-715-9788
Chuck Fager, Quaker House: 910-323-3912


"Killing People Is Not What I Am", Says AWOL GI

A soldier who went AWOL two years ago rather than take part in combat is enroute to Fort Bragg to face military authorities.

PFC Daniel Marble, 25, went AWOL in August 2006 after he finished combat training. He was arrested on January 26 at his home in New Jersey on January 23, 2009.

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