International Activists in Seoul to #StopWarBiz

A letter from our National Organizer, Tara Tabassi:

The arms trade is global, but so is our resistance!

“Stop. Arms. Trade!!”-- the chant is still ringing in my ears as I return to the 339 Lafayette office to see my War Resisters League family after two weeks in Seoul.

After repping War Resisters League at the War Resisters International Council Meeting, I was excited to speak as a panelist to open the international seminar, Stopping the War Business. Hosted by War Resisters International and Korean partner organization, World Without War, around 70 international activists gathered to #StopWarBiz, swapping campaign tactics and strategies, as we planned our ongoing resistance to global arms trade.

Direct Action at the ADEX welcome dinner at Marriott in Seoul


Our week ended in nonviolent direct action to #StopADEX, coordinated by World Without War, through die-ins and flinging of blood money at ADEX arms fair officials as they entered the welcome dinner at the Marriott, and disruptions within ADEX itself. The arms trade is global, but the resilience of the week showed that our resistance is global too!

Actions in the ADEX arms fair


While ADEX happens in South Korea, the companies that sell arms and weapons technology are international, with the usual US arms dealers being most prominent. Advertisements for Lockheed Martin’s newest jets adorned with Korean-specific messaging were sick reminders of the profitability of US militarization in the Asia-Pacific region.


The international arms trade and US tactic of military base build-up around the world is made by possible by the complicity of American people. Take a stand against US militarism and the arms trade today. Support WRL’s work as we meet war profiteering with the power of internationalist resistance. Please consider contributing to WRL’s international movement building by making a generous one-time donation or become a sustainer for peace today!

In solidarity,

Tara Tabassi
WRL National Organizer