Beyond Border Patrol

WRL has long challenged military and police recruitment. Our newest counter-recruitment resource, Beyond Border Patrol, takes on the lies of Border Patrol recruiters - particularly in the borderlands - and debunks them with the realities of the job and the agency's legacy of abuse. Like military and police recruiters, Border Patrol recruiters target poor people and young people of color in border communities, and promote careers in law enforcement as a stable way of life and a means to "protect" your community.

Beyond Border Patrol amplifies the truth about a career as a Border Patrol agent, takes apart the lies of Border Patrol recruiters, uplifts the names and lives of people killed by Border Patrol, and encourages people considering this career to pursue livelihoods that build true community safety - not carceral, racist ideas of safety.

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This resource includes:

  • A timeline of the history of Border Patrol
  • Common recruiter talking points & truths that counter them
  • Statistics on Border Patrol abuse of power and violence
  • A section dedicated to some of the people who have been killed by Border Patrol
  • Questions for those considering becoming an agent to ask themselves before they apply

Design: Lucia @grafica.canela, lucy.sndvl [at]

Research: Heath Rudd, Yuni Chang

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Beyond Border Patrol (hi-res pdf)

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