War Tax Resistance Organizations

Redirection / Support / Related Campaigns

In addition to the War Resisters League, the following organizations provide information and support for war tax resisters, including places to donate resisted taxes.

NWTRCC logoNational War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC) is a coalition of local, regional and national groups supportive of war tax resistance. War Resisters League is a founding member. NWTRCC facilitates information-sharing among war tax resisters, creates resources for resisters and groups, and helps organize and coordinate a war tax resistance movement across the country.

Contact NWTRCC for other resources and a list of counselors, lawyers and related groups. This information is available on their web site. NWTRCC • PO Box 150553 • Brooklyn, NY 11215 • (800) 269-7464 • www.nwtrcc.orgnwtrcc [at] nwtrcc.org



PLF’s are a secure place to hold resisted money while at the same time making it available as loans or grants to community groups. These funds provide an effective complement to war tax resistance. Consider joining an existing fund or starting one in your area. Contact NWTRCC (above) for more information. See below for two such examples:

New York City People’s Life Fund was formed in 1971 as a direct response to skyrocketing Vietnam war spending and the resulting lack of funds for the poor, the elderly, the disabled, minority groups, and veterans. Then, as now, the NYC PLF has offered assistance to New York City-based organizations (such as soup kitchens, food coops, recycling programs, socially-minded artistic organizations) in the form of grants and loans. Our contributor/membership comprises informed activists who see the dangerous consequences of cuts in government funding for critical programs directly benefiting the poor, the elderly and children. It also includes members of the war tax resistance community who rechannel resisted moneys into NYC PLF so that community groups can initiate and develop new programs. NYC People’s Life Fund, 339 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012, info [at] nycplf.org, www.nycplf.org

The War Tax Resisters’ Penalty Fund provides a process of mutual support through which war tax resisters and their supporters can distribute financial assistance to war tax resisters whose taxes are collected and for whom the collection of penalties and interest is a burden. In providing this mutual support, the Penalty Fund hopes to sustain and expand war tax resistance as a form of conscientious objection to war. For more information see the website or write WTRPF, 1036 N. Niles Ave, South Bend, IN 46617. To join the list: send your contact information to Peter Smith at webmaster [at] nwtrcc.org or fill in the registration form on their website.

The National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund, a national non-profit orgnization located in Washington, DC, advocates for U.S. federal legislation enabling conscientious objectors to war to have their federal income taxes directed to a special fund which could be used for non-military purposes only. This fund would be called the Peace Tax Fund and the bill we seek to pass is called the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act. National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund, 2121 Decatur Place, NW, Washington, DC 20008-1923, 888-PEACE TAX (888-732-2382), fax 202-986-0667, info [at] peacetaxfund.org, www.peacetaxfund.org