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no SWAT zone
A Campaign to End Police Militarization

Militarism is guns, armored tanks and drones, but it’s also a state of mind. Militarized mentalities have permeated U.S police departments and amplified dramatically the force of police violence against our communities. It has also begun to infuse emergency preparedness. Now Fire-fighters and EMT are training right along with heavily armed SWAT teams, often funded by the Department of Homeland Security. 

Join us in challenging these harmful forces, striking at SWAT through the resisting omnipresent SWAT trainings and military weapons expos, and their funding (eg: the $500 million federal grant UASI), which all strengthen and unify state repression. Support imagining a world where we get to decide how to take care of one another. Lift up community wellness, resilience, and safety. Though local coalitions coordinating nationally, together we can build noSWATzones everywhere!


  1. Challenge U.S. militarism by dismantling police power in our communities & internationally.
  2. Transform current SWAT culture as reproduced through national, regional and local SWAT training programs and weapons expos.
  3. Communities define priorities for public safety and emergency preparedness.



  1. We demand city and state governments publicly report all collaborations with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, such as weapons transfers, information and resource sharing, police militarization training and funding  
  2. We demand city, state, and federal police agencies in the U.S. end all collaboration with the police, military, and intelligence agencies of other repressive states (e.g., Israel, the Philippines, etc.).
  3. We call on U.S. cities to reject all U.S. wars and occupations.


  1. We demand the federal government repeal Urban Areas Security Initiative
  2. We demand city and state agencies permanently withdraw participation in local, regional and/or national SWAT trainings and weapons expos. 
  3. We demand participating city and state governments end all existing and pending contracts with UASI.
  4. We call on non-participating urban areas to commit to non-compliance with UASI.
  5. We demand private companies end existing and pending contracts with tactical trainings and weapons expos harming our communities!
  6. We demand an end to affiliations between local police departments and state/regional Tactical Officer Associations.


  1. We demand city, state, and the federal government shift resources from departments funding policing and militarization toward departments funding non-militarized community-based programs that promote common well-being and reduce harm.
  2. We demand emergency response agencies center care and community wellness, not repression and militarization, in their life-saving work.
  3. We call on each other to build on existing resistance to state violence and repression, and in doing so to create and strengthen healthy, resilient, and self-determining communities.
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