Jay Cassano

Jay Cassano is a former Editor of WIN Magazine.  He worked for several years as a journalist based in Turkey, writing regularly for Inter Press Service and contributing to regional publications such as Al-Akhbar English and Egypt Independent. Based again in the U.S., writes for a variety of publications on topics ranging from technology to sexism to Middle East politics.

Picturing Our History

Taken from the convention floor of the civil rights rally.  The banner reads “Protect Your Freedom… Support Civil Rights Legislation.”

Photographs by David McReynolds
Text by Jay Cassano

This series of previously unpublished photographs was taken by David McReynolds from1956 - 1971.  They portray the people at the center of vibrant and turbulent times in movements for social justice.  In many cases, these photographs also highlight the ways in which the War Resisters League has ben ahead of the curve and pushing the limits of what issues the broader Left addresses.