Virginia Baron

Virginia Baron is a former editor of Fellowship magazine and has served as president of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation. She was a member of the first FOR peace delegation to Iran in December 2005. She has devoted her attention to the Middle East for many years and has focused particularly on the practice of nonviolence in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. She is currently on the board of Palestine/Israel Report magazine.

My Favorite Issue: NVA Looks at the Middle East, 1994

Nonviolent Activist, Middle East Peace: January-February, 1994

How can I choose one issue to call a favorite? Easy. Select one on a subject that continues to obsess me. It happens that I still have a copy of the January-February 1994 Nonviolent Activist (edited by Sharon Seidenstein and designed by Rick Bickhart) stuck in an old folder on the bottom shelf of my bookcase. The cover theme, screaming in red-violet letters over a dramatic line-drawing of a handshake by Dorit Learned, is “Middle East Peace: A Perilous Process.” What could be more relevant?