Resisting Occupation: A Teach-In on Kashmir

War Resisters League is proud to announce and report back from the first of WRL's Zone’s of Forgotten Conflict teach-in series. We were honored to partner with the South Asia Solidarity Initiative, to hold up resistance to India’s occupation of Kashmir and to have Kashmiri scholar activists Hafsa Kanjwal and Mohamad Junaid as guest speakers, as well as Amin Hussain of Decolonize This Place.

The conflict in Kashmir is one that is often not covered in the Western media. When it is, Kashmir is referred to as a territory that is disputed between India and Pakistan. Kashmir, however, is not a disputed territory, but a nation that is under occupation. The teach-in addressed the nature of occupation and what the experience of occupation is for Kashmiris, as well as the role of Kashmir in South Asia, and the ways the occupation of Kashmir plays into the construction of Indian nationalism.

Panelists addressed a packed house at 168 Canal Street where audience members had the opportunity not only to learn about the history of India’s presence in Kashmir but also to discuss the parallels with Israel’s occupation of Palestine. We learned about Kashmiri resistance, calls for autonomy, and even managed to raise some money for Kashmiris who have been maimed by the Indian army.

If you weren't able to make it to the event, you can check out this video to listen in on the discussion about how to build meaningful solidarity moving forward. See below to find more resources on Kashmir and ways to connect as we plan more events like this in the future!