Six Ways for People on the Outside to Support Women’s Resistance on the Inside

Suggestions from women incarcerated throughout the country:

  1. Make contact with women in prison. “Visits, phone calls, and letter writing are essential. Only with a firm foundation, a strong foundation, can we together be able to build a greater movement,” says a woman incarcerated in Florida.
  2. Speak out about these issues, especially when they intersect with issues that are considered “non-prison” issues.
  3. Send literature and news from the outside.
  4. Write articles about women prisoners’ issues, experiences, and actions, or publish their articles.
  5. Peer education groups need up-to-date information on health issues and treatments! They need outside people who are willing to provide services not available (but much needed) within the prison.
  6. If you are connected to a university or other educational institution, look into setting up a women’s studies course or other program within a women’s prison that helps articulate and challenge the dominant ways of thinking and the power structure.