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Activist News (NVA Mar-Apr 2006)

Nonviolent Activist, March-April 2006


U.S. Troops in Iraq Say End War in 2006

An overwhelming 72 percent of American troops serving in Iraq think the United States should exit the country within the next year, and more than one in four say the troops should leave immediately, a new Le Moyne College/Zogby International survey shows.

The Mercenary Challenge to Anti-militarism: Privatizing (In)Security

Nonviolent Activist, January-February 2006

The Mercenary Challenge to Anti-militarism:
Privatizing (In)Security

By Celine Joiris

Mercenaries are nothing new; people outside of national armies have been fighting and dying for pay since the days of ancient Rome. Now in the midst of another empire’s reign, “private security companies”—as they are benignly called—have been on the rise in the United States for several decades. Under the Bush administration however, they have become central to the war on and occupation of Iraq.

Activist News: NVA Jan-Feb 2006

Nonviolent Activist, January - February 2006


UFPJ Rejects Future Work With A.N.S.W.E.R.

On December 12, the antiwar coalition United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) issued a statement entitled “Ending the War in Iraq, Building a Broad Movement for Peace and Justice, and Our Experience with ANSWER,” in which they announced the steering committee’s decision on December 4 to end future work with the organization Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, A.N.S.W.E.R.


Nonviolent Activist, January - February 2006


WRL Organizers Meet in NC

Up until a couple of years ago, the structure of the WRL involved twice-yearly meetings of the elected National Committee plus representatives of each local. But the meetings were primarily concerned with business and the structure didn’t meet the locals’ needs to share organizing ideas.

Activist Reviews

Nonviolent Activist, January-February 2006


Busting Myths
By G. Simon Harak

War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death
By Norman Solomon
2005, John Wiley & Sons; 314 pages; $24.95, hardcover

NVA Letters

Nonviolent Activist, January - February 2006


Déjà Vu

I am deeply troubled by the article written by Bill Weinberg in your Nov-Dec 2005 issue: “The Question of International A.N.S.W.E.R.”

As a 72-year-old who remembers the intra-left squabbles of the many “Socialist/Socialist Workers/SPF”groups of the 1950s and how those futile conflicts served mainly to fuel the right-wingers and the Joseph McCarthyite movement of the time, I think “Déjà vu! Enough already!”