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Centennial History Book

War Resisters League: 100 Years of Resistance to War and the Causes of War is a full-color 84-page 7” x 9” book that reproduces WRL’s entire 100th anniversary traveling exhibit, including 186 images, a timeline of key demonstrations and other events, WRL programs, notable individuals, publications throughout WRL’s history. Also listed are all wars of which the United States was a part during WRL’s history.  


"Notes for a More Coherent Article" by David McReynolds; from WIN - November, 1969

Notes for a More Coherent Article WIN-Nov1969, by David McReynolds

I had mixed reactions when I was informed that WIN was coming out with a special issue on the homosexual and his oppressed state in society. I wondered if the time was right for such a step with the Movement. I feared that such an issue might prove divisive and hurt more than it helped. Now that I have seen the issue and obtained the opinions of friends on it, I think you were right after all.” R.C., Chicago

WRL Perpetual Calendar

90 Years of Revolutionary Nonviolence: WRL Perpetual Calendar

This beautiful wall calendar can be used year after year since it doesn’t match dates and days. It includes an event related to WRL and nonviolence for each day, with a line to add your own reminders of birthdays, etc. You can fill it in for this year or simply use the calendar for the events, images, and historical information.


WRL Hiroshima-Nagasaki Exhibit

WRL Hiroshima-Nagasaki Exhibit 2012

This slideshow contains images from an exhibit originally produced in 1995 by the Enola Gay Action Coalition and sponsored by War Resisters League.  The exhibit was updated in 2012 by the New York City local of the War Resisters League.

Coordinators: Tom Keough and Michael Sprong

Editorial Committee (1995): Norma Becker, Ruth Benn, Jerry Coffin, Nicole Hala,
Ed Hedemann, Eric Levine, Mike Levinson, Elmer Maas, David McReynolds, John
Miller, Carmen Trotta

WRL's 80 Years of Resistance: A Legacy and a Future

By Joanne Sheehan

October 19, 2003

Founded in 1923 to support World War I resisters, the War Resisters League turns 80 this week, making it the country's oldest secular peace group. For 80 years, it has supported those who have refused to participate in war. On this occasion, especially now as the country turns to a state of permanent war, it's important to ask ourselves, what's changed, what hasn't, and what have we learned?