The Military is Not Just a Job, It's 8 Years of Your Life//¿Solo un empleo? No… ¡Son ocho años de tu vida!


You’ve probably heard the ads and the recruiter’s sales pitch. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? All advertising does. But if military life doesn’t live up to the advertising, you can’t bring your enlistment agreement back to the recruiter for a refund. You are obligated to the military for a total of eight years, including time in the reserves when you could be recalled.

This essential counter military recruitment pamphlet, produced by Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities (Project YANO) includes information that should be seen by every person considering joining the military.  Activists across the country distribute this flyer in schools, at job fairs and community gatherings.

To download and print locally:
Not Just A Job (English, in color) PDF 

¿Solo un empleo? No… ¡Son ocho años de tu vida! (Spanish, black & white) PDF

Sections include:

  • What Are Some Things I Should Know About Military Life?
  • Will I Lose Some Basic Rights?
  • Will It Help Me Get A Job Later?
  • What About Promises Of Bonuses?
  • Is College Money Free And Guaranteed?
  • Is There Discrimination In The Military?
  • Can The Military Give Me Citizenship?
  • What Should Women & LGBTQ People Know?
  • War- You Think It Won't Happen To You?
  • Service And Making A Difference
  • If You Already Joined The Delayed Entry Program (DEP)
  • Things You Should ask Yourself Before Enlisting
  • 9 Things To Consider When You Talk To A Recruiter
  • Finding A Non-Military Job

... and links to further resources, including online videos and organizations doing counter-recruitment work.

Available in English and Spanish: ¿Solo un empleo? No… ¡Son ocho años de tu vida!

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