Questions to Consider Palmcard

Written for high school students who may be considering going into the military or have friends who are. This palmcard is good for mass leafletting and as an eye-catching handout at a counter-recruitment table. Information taken from brochure “The Military's Not Just a Job... it's Eight Years of Your Life”, this full color glossy palmcard includes a link to that leaflet and to information on student's rights to distribute the palmcard in school.

For more, check out WRL's counter-recruitment resources!

This Questions to Consider palm card is being utilized in a national Call to Action to reinvigorate counter-recruitment activism in public high schools across the country. The palmcard directs students to a mobile version of The Military's Not Just a Job, for an easy way to access information about the true consequences of joining the military. For more information, hit up Winning the Peace & spread the word!


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