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David McReynolds (1929 - 2018)

David McReynolds  (1929 - 2018)

UPDATE: Hear the presentations from the Memorial for David McReynolds at https://vimeo.com/305110298/686dc0eef2.
The memorial was held on Saturday, December 1 at 12 PM – 3 PM at Judson Memorial Church in New York.

On August 17th, lifetime War Resisters League member David McReynolds - committed pacifist + socialist - passed peacefully at the age of 88. David was on WRL staff for a large part of his life and remained within community long, long after.

On MLK Day: A Special Message from Arun Kundnani

Arun Kundnani

On this MLK day, let us recall Dr. Martin Luther King's deepest legacy. He understood that denouncing the violent extremism of young, angry men in the ghettos could not be done without hypocrisy unless one also condemned the far greater violence of the U.S. war machine in Vietnam. When governments decide political problems can be solved through violence, it is no surprise their citizens reach the same conclusion.

Centennial Poster

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Celebrate WRL's 100 years of resisting war + militarism with this beautiful 22" x 22" union-printed poster showcasing the art of Peg Averill! 


"Notes for a More Coherent Article" by David McReynolds; from WIN - November, 1969

Notes for a More Coherent Article WIN-Nov1969, by David McReynolds

I had mixed reactions when I was informed that WIN was coming out with a special issue on the homosexual and his oppressed state in society. I wondered if the time was right for such a step with the Movement. I feared that such an issue might prove divisive and hurt more than it helped. Now that I have seen the issue and obtained the opinions of friends on it, I think you were right after all.” R.C., Chicago


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